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Community Board Meeting - September 29, 2015 at 7pm


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Stonegate Homeowners Association is a non profit organization. It is a planned community comprised of condominiums, townhouses and single family homeowners.

One purpose of this site is to be an additional source of information for the residents of the Stonegate community. Monthly newsletters and meeting minutes will be archived for easy reference for one year. Updates and upcoming events will be posted. Seasonal information such as pool regulations and hours will be available.

The second purpose of this site is to serve as a tool to facilitate the maintenance of our property and compliance to our covenants. The Service Request form can be completed and will be sent directly to our property manager for review and handling. Also it will be possible to report any observed covenants violation directly to the property manager. In addition, there are forms available for download such as a request for Direct Payment of homeowner's fees.

A list of links to various sites that may be useful to residents, such as schools, police and Raritan Township are available on the contact page.

If there is any other information or suggestions that you as a resident of our community would like to see on this site please contact


1. General & Administration -includes expenses for management, legal, engineering, audit,office, banking, postage, etc.

2. Insurance

3. Grounds - includes expenses for snow removal, landscaping, street lighting, etc.

4. Building Maintenance - this includes expenses for ongoing repairs to buildings such as gutter cleaning, small animal removal, small carpentry repairs, etc.

5. Services - includes expenses for trash removal, sewer and water hydrants

6. Pool - includes pool management and maintenance, equipment, phone.

7. Reserves and Deferred Maintenance - money held in separate account for funding future projects such as resurfacing parking lots, replacing cement walks, porches, decks, roofs, painting, gutter replacement,etc.

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